Delta Sigma Phi was founded in 1899 at the City College of New York. Since then, the ideals of brotherhood, scholarship, and philanthropy have been spreading throughout the nation in the form of new chapters and expanded membership. The Delta Delta chapter was established at Purdue University in 1957. Today, we continue to be a chapter that prides itself on maximizing it's member's potential in the social and academic aspects of collegiate life. For over 50 years, we have taken college students and turned them into leaders amongst their peers. We are always looking for students with potential to join our brotherhood here at Delta Sigma Phi; if you are interested in rushing or just looking for more information, visit the "Recruitment" tab above.

Delta Sigma Phi has seen tremendous gains as a fraternity here on campus in the past two years. How we measure this progress comes in many forms, from the activities we take part in,Β to the individuals who make these activities possible. With over 90 active members on campus,Β we take pride in our diversity of character and background. Initiatives to increase our impact and involvement on campus include participation and leadership roles in organizations such as Purdue Dance Marathon and the Interfraternity Council. Most importantly, we are continually working to improve each other so we can leave Purdue better than when we first arrived.
— Jack Penna, President of Purdue Chapter
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